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H h-nanoGSM - GSM + BTH 3.0 shield - u.FL


170,00 lei

  • Not only a GSM break board, but an GSM shield in nano format having big soldering pads
  • quad band GSM, with true world-wide coverage(850/950/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 interface (SPP and HFP profile support)
  • ultra compact implementation 1.25"x1.16"(31.75x29.46mm)
  • 2.8-5V compatible POWER ON-OFF / RI / STS / RTS interfaces (auto-level)
  • 2.8-5V compatible UART (auto-level)
  • integrated USB adapter port (communication and powering)
  • integrated LiPol baterry charger
  • works with or without LiPol battery
  • optional external(20.3x34.29mm) pin to pin plugable 5-25V switching power supply (the g-SPS family)
  • slim weight: around 8g
  • Analog audio interface (available on 0.1" pin header) and and via BLUETOOTH AUDIO
  • POWER ON/OFF push switch integrated
  • digital/powering inteface options: via 0.1"(2.54mm) pin header
  • digital/powering inteface pin 2 pin compatible with c-uGSM and d-3G series
  • USB/serial UART interfacing with Raspberry PI, Raspberry PI2, Raspberry PI3 and BeagleBone
  • Raspberry PI like boards direct interfacing (without wires) via i-hat3GGSM adapter boards
  • Arduino nano like boards direct interfacing (without wires) via j-328GSM3Glader adapter boards
  • uFL and SMA antenna connector versions
  • BIG SIZE PADS for connector soldering



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